Drew Butler

About Drew

In late 2015 my wife and I decided to try something completely different. Our life had already been radically changed by the birth of our son earlier in the summer, but that wasn’t quite enough for us. We wanted to travel and see the world.

So I ditched my location-dependant job and got a new one that lets me work from anywhere. We sold, donated, and otherwise got rid of nearly half of our things, then dropped most of the rest in storage. We said goodbye (for now) to our apartment in Brooklyn, NY and hit the road. Our travels began with some small trips and time with family but have now turned into extended travels across Southeast Asia.

I work as a web developer with Automattic. The plan is to discover a new way to live a life that is lighter, yet more full. To experience the world more fully and to provide a means to save some money for our ultimate return.

What is this site about?

The short answer to this is, I’m not sure. I’m combining a few blogs into one with this and starting fresh. Expect me to talk about topics such as nutrition, business, productivity, life hacks, and travel. Mostly, I’m just going to write about whatever I want in whatever moment I want.

My only goal is to write about what I’ve done, not what I’m going to do.

If you have questions, have something you want to share, or would like to work with me feel free to say hi.

A Few Facts About Me

  • My son is 2-years old now and counting.
  • My wife and I got married, twice, over the course of two weeks. Once in Thailand and the second time in Texas.
  • My family and I are currently in the US visiting family and friends around the country.
  • We plan to head to Europe for a bit in the fall of 2017 then head back to SEA for the majority of 2018.
  • I am by trade a web developer and have been writing code for over a decade.
  • One of my favorite things to do is to bike in the city (read: NYC).
  • I have a real fascination for entrepreneurship and the idea that in the new economy, more and more people will employ themselves.
  • To date, I have run 7 marathons, 20+ half marathons, and dozens of other smaller races.
  • My #1 goal in life is to find more ways to own my own time and space and create the best life possible for my family.